Top 21+ Short Story in English

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Top 100+ Short Story in English
Top 21+ Short Story in English 2

Short Story in English: Children like the story very much. That’s why children can be taught the best things about living life through stories.

One Or the other story should be told to the children every day and after telling the story, in the end, the children should be asked – ‘Children, what lesson can we learn from this story.’ What will happen from this – the thinking and understanding capacity of the children will increase.

We have given below some important stories for children which you can read and tell to your children.

100+ Short Story in English

1The Ant and the Grasshopper Story
2The Boy Who Cried, Wolf Story
3The Tortoise and the Hare Story in English
4The Lion and the Mouse story in English
5The Goose with the Golden Eggs Story
6The Ugly Duckling Story in English
7The Fox and the Grapes Story
8The Little Red Hen Story in English
9The Frog Prince Story in English
10The Pied Piper of Hamelin Story in English
11The Fisherman and the Genie Story in English
12The Lion and the Wolf Story
13The Mouse and the Lion story in English
14The Lion and the Three Bulls Story
15The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Story in English
16The Farmer and his Sons Story in English with Moral
17The Boy and the Starfish Story
18The Cat and the Mice Story Moral