March 30, 2023

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story in English

The Boy Who Cried Wolf Story

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a mischievous boy named Krishna. Krishna was a shepherd who used to take care of his father’s flock of sheep. However, Krishna was very bored with his job, and he always looked for ways to have some fun.

One day, Krishna got an idea. He wanted to play a trick on the villagers, so he shouted, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” The villagers heard his cries and rushed to help him. When they arrived, they found Krishna laughing and saying that he was just joking.

The villagers were angry with Krishna for fooling them and wasting their time. However, Krishna found it amusing, so he did it again a few days later. He screamed, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” The villagers came running again, only to find out that it was just another joke.

The villagers were furious with Krishna for wasting their time twice. They warned him not to play any more tricks. But Krishna did not listen to them. He thought it was fun to watch the villagers running around for nothing. So, a few days later, Krishna saw a real wolf attacking his sheep. He screamed, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” But this time, nobody came to help him.

Krishna tried to protect his sheep on his own, but it was too late. The wolf killed many of his sheep. Krishna felt guilty and ashamed of what he had done. He realized that his lies had caused him to lose the trust of the villagers, and they did not believe him when he needed their help the most.

From that day on, Krishna learned the lesson that honesty is always the best policy. He promised never to play such tricks again, and he worked hard to regain the trust of the villagers. The end.

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