Top 10 Story in English with moral

Children like the story very much. That’s why children can be taught the best things about living life through stories.

One or the other story should be told to the children every day and after telling the story, in the end, the children should be asked – ‘Children, what lesson do you think we can learn from this story.’ What will happen from this – the ability of children to think and understand will increase.

Top 10 Story in English with moral

We have given below some important stories for children which you can read and tell to your children:

1. The Ant and the Dove: Story in English

One hot day, an ant was searching for some water. After walking around for some time, she came to a spring. To reach the spring, she had to climb up a blade of grass. While making her way up, she slipped and fell into the water.

She could have drowned if a dove up a nearby tree had not seen her. Seeing that the ant was in trouble, the dove quickly plucked a leaf and dropped it into the water near the struggling ant. The ant moved towards the leaf and climbed up onto it. Soon, the leaf drifted to dry ground, and the ant jumped out. She was safe at last.

Just at that time, a hunter nearby was about to throw his net over the dove, hoping to trap it. Guessing what he was about to do, the ant quickly bit him on the heel. Feeling the pain, the hunter dropped his net. The dove was quick to fly away to safety.


One good turn begets another.

2. The Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork: Story in English

Once upon a time, there lived a very cunning and mischievous fox. He used to speak to other animals sweetly and gain their trust, before playing tricks on them.

One day the fox met a stork. He befriended the stork and acted like a very good friend. Soon, he invited the stork to have a feast with him. The stork happily accepted the invitation.

The day of the feast came, and the stork went to the fox’s house. To her surprise and disappointment, the fox said that he could not make a big feast as promised, and just offered some soup. When he brought the soup out of the kitchen, the stork saw that it was in a shallow bowl!

The poor stork could not have any soup with its long bill, but the fox easily licked the soup from the plate. As the stork just touched the soup with the tip of its bill, the fox asked her, “How is the soup? Don’t you like it?”

The hungry stork replied, “Oh it is good, but my stomach is upset, and I can’t take any more soup!” “I’m sorry for troubling you,” said the fox.

The stork replied, “Oh dear, please don’t say sorry. I have some health problem and cannot enjoy what you offer.”

She left the place after thanking the fox and inviting him to her house for dinner. Cunning Fox and the Clever Stork StoryThe day arrived and the fox reached the stork’s place. After exchanging pleasantries, the stork served soup for both of them, in a narrow jar with a long neck. She was able to have the soup very easily with her long bill, but the fox obviously could not.

After finishing hers, the stork asked the fox if he was enjoying the soup. The fox remembered the feast he himself had given the stork and felt very ashamed. He stammered, “I…I’d better leave now. I have a tummy ache.” Humiliated, he left the place running.


One bad turn begets another.

3. The Lion and the Mouse: Story in English

Once when a lion, the king of the jungle, was asleep, a little mouse began running up and down on him. This soon awakened the lion, who placed his huge paw on the mouse and opened his big jaws to swallow him.

“Pardon, O King!” cried the little mouse. “Forgive me this time. I shall never repeat it and I shall never forget your kindness. And who knows, I may be able to do you a good turn one of these days!”

The lion was so tickled by the idea of the mouse being able to help him that he lifted his paw and let him go. Sometime later, a few hunters captured the lion and tied him to a tree. After that they went in search of a wagon, to take him to the zoo.

Short StoriesJust then the little mouse happened to pass by. On seeing the lion’s plight, he ran up to him and gnawed away the ropes that bound him, the king of the jungle.

“Was I not right?” said the little mouse, very happy to help the lion.


Small acts of Kindness will be rewarded Greatly.

4. Kid’s Capability: Story in English

There was a little kid who used to study in 5th grade. Everyone in his class thought that he was one of the dumbest kids in his class. His grades were so less that he himself thought the same.

His report card showed his poor progress in his class but that didn’t bother him. He used to say to her mom, “It doesn’t matter very much..”His mother knew that her boy was not reaching his full potential at school. So she set three rules for him to follow.

No.1 He would be allowed to watch only two pre-selected TV shows per week.

No.2 He had to finish his homework before he could watch any TV or play outside.

No.3 He had to read two books from the library each week and write a book report on each of them.

The kid was dismayed at these new rules and tried very hard to talk his mother out of them but the mother stood firm. The kid couldn’t think of disobeying his mother, so he had to follow those rules.

Before long he saw the fruits of his labor when he was the only one who knew an answer to a question the teacher asked the class. All his classmates and teachers were surprised that a kid who used to get the lowest score was now able to correctly answer such hard questions.

The kid was surprised and realized that his knowledge came from books he was reading. He began to surmise that if he could learn just a few facts from books at the library he could learn anything. The kid continued on his path of growth and became an academic leader in his school. The kid had learned to read books and realized that he could channel his love for reading into learning.

Mother knew what his boy was capable of and decided not to settle for less and gave them a structured way they could do it. The boy who was thought to be the dumbest kid in class in 5th grade became a world-famous surgeon.

That boy is Benjamin Carson who is now a famous and renowned neurosurgeon, author, and politician.


Everyone has Capability. One just needs to Believe in it and Follow a Disciplined way to Utilize that Capability fully.

5. Husband’s Love for Wife: Story in English

Once in a city, lived a man who was married to a very beautiful girl. Everyone in the city would compliment him on his wife’s beauty. Seeing this wife felt proud and happy. Both started to live a happy married life.

After some years, my Wife got infected with a rare skin disease. They consulted every doctor but no one was able to treat her disease.

When the wife got to know that because of the disease, she will lose her beauty with time. She became scared that she will lose the love of her husband as she wouldn’t be looking beautiful anymore.

Husband tried to cheer her up every day but she would stay sad and started to avoid being in front of her husband. But then one day, my husband went out of town for some work. While returning back to town, he met with an accident. In that accident, he lost both of his eyes.

Wife felt very bad but with time they both learned to live a normal life. She wouldn’t avoid her husband anymore and would stay by his side and help him with his routine and work. Years passed and the wife’s beauty faded away. She couldn’t see herself in the mirror anymore but still, she would stay with her husband without thinking about her condition.

One day, the wife died and the husband was left alone. The husband loved her wife a lot and didn’t want to live in that place anymore. So after completing his responsibilities of conducting a funeral, he prepared to leave the city.

Just before leaving, a neighbor came to him and said, “Will you be able to live alone?? For all these years your wife stayed by your side but now you are all alone… Will you be able to move around without anyone’s help?”

The husband replied, “My friend, I am not blind… I just pretended to be blind because if my wife knew I could see that in her worst condition, then that feeling would have been more hurt.

She was already in so much pain and I didn’t want to see her in any more pain. That’s why pretended to be blind for so many years. She was a very good wife and I just wanted her to be happy.”


A relationship is not only about Looks but Love and Care two people have for each other.

6. Husband’s Love for Wife: Story in English

Once Swami Ji was for a stay in Rajasthan. When people got to know about him they started coming to him. Swami Ji was tirelessly answering questions from everyone who was coming to him.

This way three days and nights passed. Swami Vivekananda Ji was so involved in talking to people about spiritual matters that he didn’t even take a break to eat or even drink a sip of water.

On the third night of his stay, after all visitors left, a poor man came to him and said, “Swami Ji… I noticed that you have been answering all people for the last two days and nights and haven’t even taken a drop of water. This has pained me very much..” Swami Ji felt that in the form of a poor man, God had appeared before him and said, “Will you please give me something to eat??”

The poor man was a cobbler by profession and traditionally a person from a lower caste was even forbidden from coming near Brahman or Sanyasi. So the poor man hesitatingly asked, “Swami Ji… I want to bake and bring some bread for you but I am from a lower caste… How can you eat it if I have already touched it..”

The poor man asked, “Swami Ji if you allow then I can bring you some ingredients to make food, and then you can prepare them as you please..!!” Swami Ji replied, “No… I shall be happy to eat whatever you bring for me to eat..”

The poor man was frightened and feared that people of higher caste might punish him for giving food to Sanyasi but he wanted to serve Swami Ji and hurriedly went back home and came back with some freshly baked bread..” Swami Ji was moved by the kindness and selfless love of the poor man. Swami Ji ate that bread and thanked the poor man for his kindness.

In the meantime, some high-caste gentleman found that a lower-class man had offered food to Swami Ji and was accepted by him. They went to Swami Ji and questioned about it and said that it was wrong of him to accept that food.

Swami Ji listened to them patiently and replied, “You people made me talk without respite for the past three days but you did not even care to inquire if I had taken any food and rest.

You claim you are gentlemen and boast of your high caste..!! what is more shameful, you condemn this man for being of a low caste. Can you overlook the humanity he has just shown and despise him without feeling ashamed?”

Gentlemen felt ashamed about their behavior.

7. Who is Wealthy: Story in English

Once a saint visited a town for some days. During his stay, the saint would pray silently sitting under a tree. People got to know about him and would come to visit him to ask solution for their problems. In that town lived a very wealthy merchant. After observing the saint for a few days, was deeply touched by the saint’s devotion and sincerity.

One day a wealthy man went to the saint and offered him a bag of gold saying, “I know you will use this money for good of others… Please accept it..” Saint replied, “Please wait a moment. I am not sure if it would be right for me to take your money….”

Saint questioned, “Are you wealthy?? Do you have more money at home??”
Merchant proudly replied, “Yes… I have thousands of more gold coins at home..”

Saint again questioned, “Do you want thousands of more gold coins??”
The merchant replied, “Why not… I work hard every day to earn more money..”

Saint questioned, “Do you wish for yet thousands more gold pieces beyond that..?”
The merchant replied, “Certainly… Every day I pray that I may earn more and more money..”

Saint pushed back the bag of gold to the merchant and said, “I am sorry but I can not take your money..”

The merchant was surprised. He asked, “But why??”

Saint replied, “A wealthy man can not take money from a beggar..”

The wealthy man felt offended and spluttered, “How can you call me a beggar and yourself a wealthy man..?”

Saint smiled and replied, “I am wealthy because I am content with whatever I have.. and You are a beggar because no matter how much you possess still you are always dissatisfied and begging for more..”


The key to Happiness is Being Content with Whatever We Have.

8. What is Heaven or Hell: Story in English

Once a holy man met God. He was always curious to know about heaven and hell so when he met God he asked, “Can you tell me what heaven or hell is like??”

God smiled and took him to another world. There they were standing in front of two doors. God asked him to go and look for himself inside each door. The holy man opened the first door. There he saw a large round table with people sitting around. A large pot of delicious stew was kept in the middle of the table.

People sitting there were having very long spoons as attachments to their arms. Spoons were long enough to reach the pot of delicious stew in the middle but because of the long handles, people were not able to get spoons full of food back into their mouths.

Not being able to eat food because of those long spoons, they all were looking thin and sickly. People, there were very sad and unhappy. A holy man shuddered to see the misery of people suffering there. The holy man came back from that room and opened the door to another room.

Another room was exactly the same as the first room. Large round table with people sitting around having long spoon attachments to their arms but here people were well nourished and healthy and were happily talking and eating.

A holy man was happy to see that and came out of that door. He went to God and said, “I don’t understand. Both rooms are the same yet one room is full of misery and another is filled with happiness.”

God explained, “You see those long spoon extensions are long enough to feed others but not short enough to feed yourself.

The first room you went to was Hell, their people are greedy and think only about themselves and don’t want to help others Because of this they are not able to feed themselves and suffer misery.

Whereas The second room went was Heaven, it was full of people who cared for and loved each other. They support each other and feed each other with those long spoons because of which they are healthy and happy.”


If We Learn to Support and Care for Each other, we can make our Life Heaven and Live Happily. Giving and Sharing Brings Inner Joy.

9. Letter from God: Story in English

Once a lady got a letter. She looked at the envelope and saw that there was no stamp and no postmark, it had only her name and address. She opened it. She read the letter, “Dear Rose, I will be coming to your neighborhood this afternoon and would like to pay a visit to you. Love Always… Jesus.”

Reading this letter Rose was shaken and started thinking to herself, “Why would Jesus visit me? I have nothing to offer…” With this, she remembered about her empty kitchen cabinets and reached for her purse to check for the money. She saw that she had only 5 dollars.

She thought about things she could buy and hurried out of the door. She went to the market and bought a loaf of bread and a carton of milk with some sliced turkey. She had only some cents left with her yet she was happy holding those meager offerings tucked under her arm.

On her way back home she heard a voice saying, “Lady, can you help us?” When she turned back she saw a man and woman in ragged clothes, were dirty and smelled bad.

The man said, “Lady, I ain’t got a job, and I and my wife have been living on the streets and it’s getting cold and we have nothing to eat. We are really hungry. If you could help us we would really appreciate it..”

Rose replied, “Sir, I would like to help but I am myself a poor woman and all I have is some bread and turkey cuts which I bought for an important guest coming tonight.”

“Okay… I can understand lady.. Thanks anyway.”, Man replied and hold the hand of her wife, and headed back to the alley. As Rose watched them leave, she felt a little twinge in her heart. She turned back toward the man and woman and said, “Sir.. wait..”

Couple stopped. Rose ran towards them, handed them a grocery bag, and said, “Sir, take this food with you. I will figure something out to serve my guest.”

“Thank you!! thank you!!”, said the man’s wife. Rose saw that she was shivering from the cold, seeing this Rose unbuttoned her coat and gave it to her and said, “You know, I have got another coat at home… You take this one.”

Then smiling she turned and walked back toward her home. She was shivering with cold and worried about not having anything to offer to Jesus after she reach home. When she reached home. She opened her door. As she entered she noticed another mail. She took the envelope and opened it.

It Read: Dear Rose, it was good to see you… Thank you for the lovely meal and also for the beautiful coat. Love Always.. Jesus.


Always Help others.

10. Live Life While You Can: Story in English

Once there was a person who was very hard-working and focused to earn more and more money for a better life. He worked very hard and made a great career. The man was so busy with all his work that he never even got time to meet his family for long time.

After a long, he realized that he worked all his life and never really enjoyed his life. So he decided he should take a rest from work and live in luxury which he owned because of the wealth he earned in all these years.

Just when he decided to enjoy his life, Death came to him.

Now is a very wealthy person he tried to buy time from death to live more at any cost but death was unmoved.

Desperate to live man made many proposals to death but nothing worked so at last he made one last proposal to death and asked him to give him at least one hour so that he could admire the beauty of nature, spend some time with his family and in exchange of that man would give all his money to death.

But death refused again.

Finally, a man requested death to at least give him one minute so that he can write a goodbye note to his family. Death granted his wish.

The man wrote in his note, “Spend time given to you right way. Listen to your heart and check if the surroundings you are living in have true value. Cherish every minute of your life Because once time passes and death comes you can’t even buy one hour of life with all this wealth.”


We never know how much time we have in our Life so we should value each and every moment of Life. Give time to what’s important. Spend time with family and Enjoy life while we can.


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