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Baby Names That Start With ‘C’ | Names of ‘C’

Girl Names That Start With ‘C’

Charu – Beautiful
Chhavi – Reflection
Chitra – Picture
Chinmayi – Blissful
Chitrangada – A woman with beautiful body and limbs
Chhaya – Shadow
Chitralekha – Beautiful picture
Chandani – Moonlight
Chanchal – Active
Chhavi – Reflection
Cauvery – Name of a river in south India
Chetna – Consciousness
Chirag – Lamp
Celina – Of the heavens
Charumati – Beautiful-minded
Chandan – Sandalwood
Chandrika – Moonlight
Charulata – Beautiful Creeper
Chitrarekha – Beautiful line
Chhavvi – Reflection
Chahna – Love
Chameli – Jasmine flower
Chanchala – Fickle, restless
Chandana – Sandalwood paste
Chandni – Moonlight
Charu – Beautiful, charming
Charvi – Beautiful woman
Chavi – Reflection, image
Chhavi – Reflection, image
Chitrita – Decorated, adorned
Chitrini – Picture
Chittra – Picture, image
Chutki – A small piece
Chaman – Garden
Chanchala – Fickle, restless
Chitrali – From Chitral, a region in Pakistan
Chitrika – Picture
Chitrangada – A woman with beautiful body and limbs
Chitralekha – Beautiful picture
Chandrabhaga – River name in India.
Cinta – Love
Celina – Heaven
Chantal – Song
Chintana – Thought
Chirini – Snowflake
Chitaya – Intelligent
Chandakini – The Moon’s reflection on water
Charumati – Beautiful-minded
Chatura – Intelligent, clever
Chitrini – Picture
Chitrakshi – Having beautiful eyes
Chandrika – Moonlight
Chikondi – Love
Chandrakala – Moonlight
Chandralekha – Moonbeam
Chidambari – One who has all the qualities
Chirashree – Full of light
Chitrajyoti – Light of a picture
Chhayankita – Shadowed
Chitrashree – Beautiful flower
61.Chinmayi – Blissful, full of knowledge and consciousness
62.Chetana – Conscious, aware
63.Chitrajit – victorious over pictures
64.Chahak – sparkle
65.Chandrabhushan – One who wears Moon as an ornament
66.Chinmayee – Blissful
67.Chalani – To move
68.Chamunda – A fierce Hindu goddess
69.Chandralekhi – One who is like moonbeam
70.Chandini – Moon light
71.Chandrika – Moon light
72.Chandira – Moon
73.Chandrashekhar – With the Moon as the Crest
74.Chandrani – Wife of the Moon
75.Chandri – Moon light
76.Chandira – Moon
77.Chandrik – Moon light
78.Chandini – Moon light
79.Chandan – Sandalwood
80.Chakrika – a small picture.

Boy Names That Start With ‘C’

Chaitanya: Consciousness
Chandan: sandalwood
Chandresh: lord of the moon
Chetan: consciousness
Chinmay: full of consciousness
Chintan: deep thinking
Chirag: lamp
Chiranjeev: immortal
Chirayu: long-lived
Chirika: small light
Charan: feet
Charu: beautiful
Chetak: name of a horse
Chiranjivi: immortal
Chitraksh: having beautiful eyes
Darsh: sight
Dhanesh: Lord of wealth
Dhruv: immutable, pole star
Divit: immortal
Dron: an ancient Indian warrior or student
Caius: rejoiced
Canute: knot
Carl: strong, free man
Carlos: strong, free man
Casey: brave
Charles: man, warrior
Chase: hunter
Christian: follower of Christ
Christopher: bearer of Christ
Clark: clerk, secretary
Chintak: thinker
Chirag : Lamp
Chiranjiv: Immortal
Chirayu: long-lived
Chirika: small light
Chirantan: Immortal spirit
Chirayu: long lived
Chiranjeevi: Immortal
Chiragdel: light of lamp
Chiranjivi: Immortal

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