Baby Names from ‘A’ With Meanings

Girl’s Names from ‘A’ With Meaning

Here we are given more Hindu girl names that start with the letter “A” along with their meanings in Hindi.

Girl’s Names from ‘A’ Meanings
Aaradhya“worshipped” or “blessed” (आराध्या)
Aarya“noble” or “excellent” (आर्या)
Abha“bright” or “shining” (अभा)
Abhilasha“desire” or “wish” (अभिलाषा)
Abhinaya“expression” (अभिनय)
Abhiruchi“desire” or “delight” (अभिरुचि)
Abhivyakti“expression” or “communication” (अभिव्यक्ति)
Aditi“boundless” or “unlimited” (अदिति)
Aditiya“sun” (अदितिया)
Adrika“of the mountain” (अद्रिका)
Advika“unique” or “one-of-a-kind” (अद्विका)
Adwitiya“unique” or “peerless” (अद्वितिया)
Agrata“leadership” or “Command” (अग्रता)
Ahalya“one who is not striped” (अहल्या)
Aishani“goddess of wealth” (ऐशानी)
Aishwarya“prosperity” or “riches” (ऐश्वर्या)
Aja“one who is not born” (अजा)
Akshata“unbroken rice” (अक्षता)
Ajeeta“invincible” or “unconquerable” (अजीता)
Akshaya“eternal” or “immortal” (अक्षया)
Akshi“eye” (अक्षि)
Akshya“long-lived” or “eternal” (अक्ष्या)
Akuti“princess” or “queen” (अकुटि)
Aleti“one who does not age” (अलेति)
Alia“exalted” or “noble” (अलिया)
Alka“a lock of curly hair” (अल्का)
Alpana“decorative design” (अल्पाना)
Amavasya“new moon night” (अमावस्या)
Amara“eternal” or “immortal” (अमरा)
Ambika“mother” or “goddess” (अम्बिका)
Ambu“water” (अम्बु)
Amita“boundless” or “infinite” (अमिता)
Amrita“immortal” or “eternal” (अमृता)
Anaga“unattached” or “unstained” (अनागा)
Anamika“finger ring” (अनामिका)
Ananda“happiness” or “bliss” (अनन्दा)
Anandini“happy” or “pleased” (अनन्दिनी)
Anila“air” or “wind” (अनीला)
Anjali“Offering” or “respectful gesture” (अंजली)
Archna“worship” or “honor” (अर्चना)
Archita“worshipped” or “venerated” (अर्चिता)
Archana“honor” or “respect” (अर्चना)
Apurva“unique” or “unprecedented” (अपुर्वा)
Aparna“leafless” or “one who does not have water lily” (अपर्णा)
Anuragini“beloved” (अनुरागिनी)
Anuja“younger sister” (अनुजा)
Ankita“marked” or “branded” (अंकिता)
Anuradha“following one’s good fortune” (अनुराधा)
Anmol“precious” or “valuable” (अनमोल)

Boy’s Names from ‘A’ With Meanings

Here we are given more Hindu Boy names that start with the letter “A” along with their meanings in Hindi.

Boy’s Names from ‘A’Meanings
Atul“uncomparable” or “peerless”
Avi“earth” or “my father”
Aviraj“king of the braves”
Avishkar“discovery” or “invention”
Ayaan“gift of God” or “godly gift”
Ayush“long life” or “age”
Aditya“son of Aditi” (Aditi is a Hindu goddess)
Agam“internal” or “inward”
AgastyaName of a Hindu sage
Agni“fire” or “god of fire”
Agrim“front leader” or “first in line”
Ahlad“pleased” or “delighted”
Amish“honest” or “pure”
Amogh“unfailing” or “reliable”
Akshit“one who is written”
Amrit“immortal” or “eternal”
Akshar“letter” or “character”
Alagu“handsome” or “good-looking”
Amal“pure” or “clean”
Amanat“treasure” or “something precious”
Amar“immortal” or “eternal”
Amarnath“lord of immortals”
Ambar“sky” or “heaven”
Aarav“peaceful” or “serene”
Aryan“noble” or “excellent”
Advait“unique” or “one-of-a-kind”
Arnav“ocean” or “sea”
Abhinav“new” or “novel”
Akul“lord of the water”
Aman“peace” or “safety”
Amar“immortal” or “eternal”
Anand“joy” or “happiness”
Aniket“lord of all”
Anil“air” or “wind”
Anish“supreme” or “lord”
Ankit“marked” or “branded”
Ankush“restraint” or “bridle”
Anmol“precious” or “valuable”
Anshul“bright” or “radiant”
Arjun“bright” or “shining”
Arshad“most righteous”
Arun“bright” or “shining”
Arul“blessing” or “grace”


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