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Hindu Baby Names Starting with ‘B’ | Name with ‘B’ meaning | Name with B

Hindu Girls Names Starting with ‘B’

Bhavya – meaning grand, magnificent
Bhumi – meaning earth
Bhuvana – meaning the world
Bhagwati – meaning goddess, a form of Durga
Bhawna – meaning feeling, emotion
Bhaumi – meaning from earth
Bharathi – meaning Indian culture
Bhanu – meaning sun, light
Bhanvi – meaning beautiful woman
Bhaavi – meaning full of expression
Bhavika – meaning pious, pure
Bhuvi – meaning earth
Bhuvana – meaning world
Bhuvaneswari – meaning goddess of the world
Bhuvika – meaning earthy
Bhuvaneswari – meaning goddess of the earth
Bhuvani – meaning earth
Bhuvaneswari – meaning goddess of the universe
Bipasha – meaning boundless, limitless
Bijayalakshmi – meaning victorious goddess of wealth
Bijou – meaning precious
Bimala – meaning pure
Bindiya – meaning dot, a decorative spot on forehead
Binesh – meaning lord of intelligence
Binita – meaning modest
Bipin – meaning forest
Biraja – meaning goddess Durga
Bireshwar – meaning god of victories.
Bithika – meaning path, walkway
Biva – meaning one who is always alive
Bivi – meaning a woman who is alive
Bivya – meaning alive, life-giving
Biviji – meaning a lady who is alive
Bivana – meaning always alive
Bivitha – meaning one who is always alive
Bivithi – meaning always alive
Bivithya – meaning one who is always alive
Bivishta – meaning always alive
Bindu – meaning drop, point
Bineeta – meaning wisdom, intelligence
Binish – meaning lord of intelligence
Bipasha – meaning boundless, limitless
Birju – meaning singer, minstrel
Birla – meaning strong, powerful
Bishakha – meaning a star, one of the seven stars of the constellation Ursa Major
Bishnupriya – meaning beloved of Lord Vishnu
Bishnumaya – meaning goddess of wealth, a form of Lakshmi
Bithi – meaning path

Hindu Boy Names Starting with ‘B’

Bhavesh – “Lord of the world”
Bhavya – “Splendid, grand”
Bhagat – “Devotee”
Bhaskar – “Sun”
Bhanu – “Sun”
Bhaumik – “Relating to the earth”
Bhoopendra – “King of kings”
Bhooshit – “Decorated”
Bipin – “Forests”
Birju – “Singers”
Bishesh – “Special”
Brajesh – “King of Braj”
Bimal – “Pure”
Bipul – “Very much”
Biswajit – “Victorious”
Brahm – “The absolute reality”
Bhavana – “Feeling”
Bimala – “Pure”
Bipin – “Forests”
Biren – “Brave”
Bharat – “A character in the Hindu epic Ramayana”
Bhuvan – “Earth”
Bhuvanesh – “Lord of the world”
Bhupen – “King”
Bhuvaneshwar – “Lord of the world”
Bijender – “King of the warriors”
Bikram – “Brave”
Biman – “Sky”
Binay – “Clever, Skillful”
Bala – “Child, young”
Balaji – “Another name of Lord Vishnu”
Balram – “Young brother of Lord Krishna”
Balveer – “Strong and brave”
Banke – “Another name of Lord Vishnu”
Banwari – “Lord Krishna”
Barun – “Lord of the waters”
Basant – “Spring season”
Basav – “Lord Shiva”
Bhaswar – “Radiant”
Bhupinder – “King of Kings”
Bikash – “Brightness”
Bimala – “Pure”
Binod – “Full of joy”
Bipin – “Forests”
Bishal – “Huge”
Biswarup – “A manifestation of the Divine”
Bodhi – “Enlightenment”
Brijesh – “One who lives in Brij”
Brijmohan – “Attractive like a Brij”
Balaaditya – “young sun”
Balachandra – “young moon”
Balagovind – “young cowherd (another name of Lord Krishna)”
Balaji – “another name of Lord Vishnu”
Balakrishna – “young Lord Krishna”
Balamurugan – “young Lord Murugan”
Balaraj – “young king”
Balasubramaniam – “young Lord Subramanya (another name of Lord Murugan)”
Balraj – “young king”
Bapu – “father, guru

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