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Hindu Baby Names Starting with ‘D’ | Name with ‘D’ meaning | Name with ‘D’

Girl’s Names Starting with ‘D’

Diti: Daughter
Divya: Divine, celestial
Dhriti: Patience, courage
Disha: Direction
Dhyana: Meditation
Deepa: Lamp, light
Durga: A Hindu goddess
Dhanvi: A bow
Darshini: One who presents, one who shows
Dina: Day, the sun
Dhara: Constant flow, one who holds
Disha: Direction
Dhaani: Earth, wealth
Dhwani: Sound
Drishti: Sight, vision
Dipa: Bright light, lamp
Devanshi: Divine, a part of god
Devyani: Daughter of gods, a celestial maiden
Dewangi: Extreme love, devotion
Dhairya: Patience, courage
Dhanshree: Rich, wealth
Dhiya: Bright light, lamp
Dholika: Sweet, charming
Disha: Direction, path
Diti: Daughter
Divya: Divine, celestial
Divyani: Divine, celestial
Dhairya: Patience, courage
Dhriti: Patience, courage
Dhwani: Sound, melody
Dipika: Light, a bright flame
Dharmika: One who follows dharma, a righteous person
Ditiya: Second
Divyanshi: Divine, a part of god
Dhvani: Sound, melody
Dinali: Little goddess
Dipanwita: Bright, illuminated
Dipeshwari: Lord of the lamp
Dipti: Brightness, glow
Divyadeepika: Divine light
Dhanvi: A bow and arrow
Dhruva: Star, pole star
Dhruti: Firmness, steadiness
Dhyana: Meditation
Disha: Direction, guide
Diti: Grand daughter

Boy’s Names Starting with ‘D’

Dhruv: steadfast, immovable
Darsh: sight, vision
Dhruvin: strong, permanent
Dhanvin: bowman, archer
Dhanesh: Lord of wealth, Kubera
Devansh: a part of God
Dhairya: patience, courage
Dheeraj: patience, calmness
Dhruva: the polar star
Dhaval: fair complexioned
Dhiren: strong
Dhirendra: king of strength
Dinesh: the sun, god of the day
Divyansh: divine part
Divit: eternal, god-like
Durva: a sacred grass
Durvesh: Lord of the threshold
Dvij: twice-born (referring to the upper castes)
Dayalu: compassionate
Damodar: Lord Krishna
Dipak: lamp
Durgesh: Lord of the fort
Durgadatt: gift of Durga (a Hindu goddess)
Drupad: king from epic Mahabharat
Darpak: one who spreads light, shine
Dharmaraj: king of dharma (righteousness)
Danavendra: king of demons
Deenbandhu: friend of the helpless
Dhruvaditya: the polar star, sun
Daksh: skilled, able
Dipesh: Lord of the lamp
Dhananjay: victorious in wealth
Dharman: one who supports, sustainer
Dhanveer: brave with wealth
Dhanpat: master of wealth
Dhirendra: Lord of the brave
Dhanjit: conqueror of wealth
Dhananjoy: one who has wealth and victorious
Dev: God, divine
Devadatt: gift of the gods
Devendra: king of the gods
Devansh: a part of God
Devaraj: king of the gods
Devdan: gift of the gods
Devdas: servant of the gods
Devaditya: son of the god
Devaroop: embodiment of God
Devguru: teacher of the gods
Devkrishna: Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Devraj: king of the gods
Devya: divine, heavenly
Devesh: Lord of the gods
Devraj: king of gods
Devvrat: devoted to God
Devdutt: gift of God
Devashish: blessings of God
Devanshu: ray of light of God
Devaditya: the sun, God
Darpad: one who has the power to maintain dignity, self-respect
Devprabhakar : a ray of light of God

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