June 3, 2023

Essay On My School [18 lines Essay On My School]

18 lines Essay On My School

  1. The name of my school is Govt. Inter College, Lucknow.
  2. It is famous in the city.
  3. The building of the school is grand.
  4. It is decorated.
  5. There are thirty rooms in it.
  6. The rooms are big and airy.
  7. It has a big hall.
  8. Meetings are being held here.
  9. Principal’s office is in the middle.
  10. There is a big library room.
  11. There is a play ground.
  12. We play here in the vacant periods.
  13. There are one thousand students in the school.
  14. Thirty teachers are there in the school.
  15. All of them are well qualified.
  16. Principal of the school is Mr. Sandeep Kumar. 
  17. He is very gentle and punctual.
  18. We love our school very much.

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