Essay On Computer For Students And Children

Computer nowadays is an important means of enhancement, which is suitable for people of all ages. This makes possible the rapid pace of advances in science, technology, and education. Students and children can also use the benefits of computers to encourage their learning and development. In this essay, we will consider the Full Forms Of Computers and 13-Lines Essay On Computers for students and children.

Full Forms Of Computers

C – Common

O – Operating

M – Machine

P – Particularly

U – User

T – Trade

E – Education, Entertainment

R – Result, Research

13 lines essay on computer

  1. The modern age is the age of computers.
  2. The computer has been the greatest boon of science for humanity.
  3. The computer is a man-made machine.
  4. It follows man-given orders without fail.
  5. It gives man-wanted results in no time.
  6. The beginning of the computer-making process was started by ‘Blais Pescal’ of France in 1642.
  7. The credit for real computer making goes to ‘Charles Bavage’.
  8. Computer is a useful in every walk of life.
  9. It is useful in banks, hospitals, weather forecasting, in railways and airways ticket reservation.
  10. It is also useful in advance researches of science and technology.
  11. Now computer has become the part and parcel of human life.
  12. Its use is increasing day by day.
  13. May it bring peace and prosperity in humanity!
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