June 3, 2023

The Dog and his Shadow Story

The Dog and his Shadow Story In English

Once upon a time, a dog was carrying a bone in his mouth. As he walked across a stream, he saw his reflection in the water and mistook it for another dog.

Thinking that the other dog had a bigger bone, the dog in the water appeared to be having a feast while he had a smaller bone. The greedy dog became jealous and decided to snatch the bigger bone from the other dog.

The foolish dog barked at the dog in the water, hoping to scare him away and take the bone for himself. But as he opened his mouth to bark, the bone in his mouth slipped and fell into the water. The greedy dog watched as his bone sank to the bottom of the stream.

Realizing his mistake, the dog began to howl and cry. But it was too late, and the bone was gone forever. The dog learned a valuable lesson that day: it is better to be content with what you have than to be greedy and lose everything.

Moral of the story: Greediness and jealousy can make you lose what you already have. Be grateful for what you have and avoid greediness.

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